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Alt j henry laurisch e1432654714864

While any quartet from the UK is bound to evoke thoughts of lofty predecessors, alt-J’s sound defies all comparison. Their sophomore effort ‘This is All Yours’ goes from quoting Alfred de Musset to sampling Miley Cyrus. Our favourite line? “I’m gonna bed into you like a cat beds into a beanbag.” That’s poetry. alt-J is modern but at the same time timeless, playful but expressive, chill but unexpected—definitely a performance not to miss!

Tom Jones


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What’s new, pussycat? Welsh singer Tom Jones will bring his beautiful voice to Vodafonehöllin on June 8th. Make sure to hold onto your hat, because those vocals might just blow you away.

DJ Snoopadelic


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Time to pour some “Gin & Juice” ‘cause the international King of kush Snoop Dogg will arrive in the Smokey Bay on July 16. I know what you’re thinking—isn’t he now called Snoop Lion? Snoop Cougar? Oh no, this time he’s DJ Snoopadelic. Alongside acts like Blaz Roca, Úlfur Úlfur, DJ Benni B-Ruff, and Shades of Reykjavík, the Doggfather will transform Laugadarshöll into a nightclub, complete with dancers and a light show. So relax, sit back, and take a hit from that… cigarette. In only a few days you can drop it like it’s hot.

Arni Vector - Airwaves


Arni vector

Árni Valur Kristinsson has been involved in the Icelandic electronic scene for over 17 years now. In 1998 he started the duo Vector alongside Jónas Thor Guðmundsson (Ruxpin) which Árni draws his Vector name from, they were also members of the minimal dub techno collective Den Nard Husher which released on the Icelandic Thule label in the late 90’s. Other notable collaborations was the project Árni2 with his namesake Árni Grétar aka Futuregrapher. As well as being one of the resident DJ’s on the legendary Weirdcore nights and is a frequent guest on both the Robot Disco and Extreme Chill events in Reykjavik and Berlin Árni has been combining elements from his dj sets and live sets allowing for live improvisation using modular synthesisers and drum machines in addition with the basic DJ setup. The force is strong with this one …..

DJ Flugvél og geimskip - Airwaves


Dj flugv c3 a9l og geimskip

dj. flugvél og geimskip (Airplane and Spaceship) is a one girl’s project that draws influences from a thousand worlds.Defined as electronic horror-music with a space twist, the music is a mix of playful beats, cool bass, catchy melodies and high pitched vocals. She sings about evil cats taking over the world, alien experiments, demons hiding in shadows and the weird world below the surface of the ocean. Her live performances are lively, colorful and poetic and her music deals with mysteries, dreams and dangers of the night. On stage, dj. flugvél og geimskip is alone in the midst of keyboards and drum machines. Her concerts are like a strange blend of music, horror stories, poetry and theater. The mood is set by story­telling between songs, the use of incense, smoke, lights and a backdrop video. The audience is left feeling like they are in a vivid dream or have travelled to outer space.

Vök - Airwaves



Vök’s sound mixes wistful electronics and melodic vocals, distant saxophones and reverberating guitars. Think The xx’s hypnotism, The Knife’s sexual tension and Poliça’s playful overdubbing. VÖK kicked off the new year by playing Eurosonic and achieved several major festival bookings and great reviews.

Emmsjé Gauti - Airwaves


Emmsj c3 a9 gauti

Despite his young age, Emmsjé Gauti is a veteran when it comes to the rap game. After honing his talent for the last 13 years in Reykjavik’s small but vibrant and competitive rap scene, he released his debut solo album in 2010 which proved a big hit among fans and critics alike. Catapulting into the spotlight with his feature on the Blazroca’s hit “Elskum Þessar Mellur”, the aptly titled “Bara Ég” (“Only Me”) solidifies his status as one of Iceland’s most prominent young artists, striking an eclectic balance between flamboyant pop, humor and unadulterated rhyming skills. Say what you want about young Emmsjé Gauti, he gets the party started! Go check out his videos on Youtube (he’s put out more of them this year alone than most artists do in their entire careers). Gauti released his second solo album in 2013 called “ÞEYR”. “ÞEYR” is a darker, heavier release than his first outing and showcases the growth of the artist. If you are into punk-like shows, stagediving and random bullshit, Gauti is your go to guy.

Agent Fresco - Airwaves


Agent fresco air

Hailing from Iceland, Agent Fresco’s music is a reflection of this ever-changing landscape, with its overwhelming sense of freedom and vastness. This is a progressive art rock band that needs to be experienced from a few steps back to be grasped in its entirety, like a bold work of art. Even by the wide-open standards of Icelandic music Agent Fresco’s interpretation of the rock genre is unusually soulful and multi-layered, with a quicksilver rhythmic pulse and mother-of-pearl harmonies reflecting every mood colour imaginable. In the last couple of years, their iridescent, propulsive, arty and highly addictive music made the highly esteemed Reykjavik band become the favourite of a music-loving nation and an act sparking international interest.

Úlfur Úlfur - Airwaves


Ulfur ulfur

Úlfur Úlfur is an Icelandic rap duo that’s on the rise. They’ll be playing a few times during Airwaves, both on and off-venue, so check ‘em out!

Sleaford Mods - Airwaves


Sleaford mods

On their latest album, Sleaford Mods member Jason Williamson says, “The album was recorded in various periods between summer 2014 through to October of that year. We worked fast as we normally do, the method was the same as the other albums and like the other two, the sound has naturally moved itself along. ‘Key Markets’ is in places quite abstract but it still deals heavily with the disorientation of modern existence. It still touches on character assassination, the delusion of grandeur and the pointlessness of government politics. It’s a classic. Fuck em.”

Hot Chip - Airwaves


Hot chip

Hot Chip are Joe Goddard, Alexis Taylor, Felix Martin, Al Doyle and Owen Clarke. They released their sixth album, Why Make Sense?, on 18thMay 2015. Recorded in Oxfordshire and London and produced by Hot Chip with Mark Ralph, Why Make Sense? is the band’s follow up to 2012’s critically acclaimed In Our Heads.



Rokkj c3 b6tnar music pick

Rokkjötnar has had a tough break; earlier this year, the festival booked a line-up of badass bands and set the much-talked-about show for September 5th. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the whole shebang when headliners Mastodon pulled out due to a pressing family matter. With a little bit of reshuffling, the festival is on once again, with Mastodon back on the bill and ready to rock alongside formidable Icelandic rockers like The Vintage Carvan, Kontinuum, Muck, Sólstafir, and more. Go ahead, buy your ticket and start practicing your air guitar now.

Stereo Hypnosis - Airwaves


Stereo hypnosis

Father and son – Óskar Thorarensen one of the founders of the collective Brut art group Inferno 5 (1984), Pan Thorarensen and Thorkell Atlasson form the electronic trio Stereo Hypnosis. The trio was stabilized, between field recording and photo sessions in the remote island Flatey (2006). They have an organic sound, serene and down tempo – electronic climbing the Icelandic unforgiving highlands. Stereo Hypnosis has constructed five albums: Parallel Island, Hypnogogia, Synopsis (in collaboration with the Italian sound artist Pulse) Glossolalia & Morphic Ritual. Pan and Oskar, have combined over forty years of musical carer in Iceland, and are well know and respected for their works. For the past five years Stereo Hypnosis have been touring various countries around the Globe. They are also leading promoters in the Icelandic Electronic scene and founders of the Extreme Chill Festival. Þorkell has been involved in classical contemporary music and pop music from his young age. He has worked as a composer and electronic musician in Rotterdam Holland and also he studied classical guitar. His works have been performed all around Europe and America.

Skurken - Airwaves



Skurken is the artist name of Jóhann Ómarsson, an electronic musician based in Reykjavík. Someone compared Skurken’s music to “trippin’ in the Moomin valley” – whatever that means. He could be right, although Skurken tries not to analyze his creations too much. Skurken‘s influences include everything from corny ’80s ballads to late ’90s drill&bass and old computer game themes. And probably elves and nature too. Skurken has been active for several years, has released 4 solo albums, had appearances on several compilations, made sound tracks to short films and more.

FM Belfast - Airwaves


Fm belfast

The President of Iceland, Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, often speaks of the special nature of the Icelandic people. In his mind, the most treasured commodity among Icelanders is their “Viking” spirit—their passion and enthusiasm for conquering new ground and reaping the benefits of their adventurous and courageous natures. This is obviously a load of nonsense and has absolutely nothing to do with FM Belfast. FM Belfast just want to be your friend. Because FM Belfast are not Vikings. They do not pillage and plunder. Instead, they give, and they care. With simple, delicately crafted melodies, unpredictable beats and humorous lyrics, FM Belfast bring smiles to their audience’s faces, and life to their every extremity—whether it be in the car, in the kitchen or on the dancefloor. But there’s more. In their live performances, FM Belfast somehow manage to elevate their music to new heights. They manage to mediate a certain weltanschauung; manage to share their joie de vivre. Seeing an FM Belfast concert is almost a religous experience, save for the religion. Unlike organized religion, though, their music isn’t conditional—it is simply inviting. It offers a genuine sense of belonging. Everyone feels it, as they dance and chant and release more sweat than Jane Fonda’s disciples ever could. FM Belfast was originally formed by couple Lóa Hjálmtýsdóttir and Árni Hlöðversson in late 2005. They wanted to record a song, one which they could give to their friends as a Christmas present. Says a lot, doesn’t it? Not surprisingly, the Iceland Airwaves music festival proved to be a catalyst in the band’s story—as Lóa and Árni needed extra people for their live act in 2006. These extra people have been numerous, although the core members have included Árni Vilhjálmsson (Motherfuckers in the House), Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason (Múm). Andri Snær Magnason, three-time recipient of the Icelandic Literary Prize, says he has to attend a FM Belfast concert at least once every six months, according to doctor’s orders. It is worth mentioning that Andri Snær is not a doctor, but his father is a doctor; his grandfather is a doctor; his sister is no less than a neurosurgeon! Should we, the common, soot-stained masses, doubt the professional medical advice of an entire family? Thankfully we don’t have to. Because FM Belfast takes its role in the public’s health very seriously. Because the members of the band are just like you and me—they are a part of us. They pay off their mortgages, take their kids to day care and in the evening boil potatoes. They don’t always have enough to fill the gas tank or perhaps don’t even have a car to begin with. They’ve even been known to play basketball in tattered sneakers. The band’s struggle for survival, and that of the Icelandic nation as a whole, is wearisome and tedious. But in the end, there is good news, because FM Belfast knows the antidote—the recipe for making the struggle a happy one and for patching the holes in tattered sneakers. Because as the poet said: “Smile and the world smiles back.”