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ESN International Dinner

Loft Hostel

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>> BRING FOOD = EAT FOOD << Dear internationals, How about taking your taste buds on a wild ride across the continents as you try food from other countries? Because we've got just the thing for you! Join us on the international dinner on Tuesday the 10th at Loft Hostel and bring food and drinks from your culture, chill out and try out food from other countries while enjoying live music as well. START: 7 pm, please be there in time since everyone will be hungry! WHERE: Loft Hostel 4th Floor WHAT TO BRING: Food from your country! (and information about your home country, decoration or a picture of a main sight of your hometown) See you on Tuesday! PS: If you want to serve a hot dish. It is no problem - we can use the guest kitchen in Loft Hostel to heat sth up. (limited space/pots and pans of course). PPS: A small concert will start at 9 in Loft Hostel afterwards.

ESN Amazing Pub Quiz Vol. 8 - Loft Hostel Edition

Loft Hostel

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>> LOCATION: Loft Hostel (Bankastræti 7) << >> 19:00 << Hello, after seven successful Pub Quizzes this year we will host another one next wednesday! This time it will take place in Loft Hostel (4th floor). The Amazing Pub Quiz will be hosted by Marcus and Simon. How it works: TEAM SIZE: 5-6 people. If you don't have a team we will help you to find a team for you on sight! Please be there in time so we can form groups. WHO: ESN students, students, mentors and buddies, friends, landlors .... START: 7:00 pm BEER PRICE: happy hour for ESNCard holders all night long! PRIZE: Free beer for the winning team! If you get chaught cheating your team will have to sing a song of shame (Justin Bieber) See you on wednesday! PS: ESN organized extra tables and chairs so more people can join the Amazing Pub Quiz!!! >> LOCATION: Loft Hostel (Bankastræti 7) <<


Loft Hostel

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Shoegazers Oyama bring their psychedelic tunes to Loft.

Vaginaboys - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Vaginaboys 2

It was just spring that Vaginaboys burst onto the scene from out of nowhere. All of the sudden, their breakout hit “Elskan af því bara” (“Baby Just Because”) started spreading across Icelandic social media circles at an alarming rate. No one had a clue who they were, but everyone fell in love all the same, their unique brand of ice-cold, sexy 808 auto-tuned R’n’B resonating in hip-hop and indie circles alike. The ‘boys made their stage show opening up for Sin Fang in May, and they’ve barely let up since, releasing a steady trickle of new material through their Soundcloud, performing shows all over town, all the while successfully managing to keep their true identities under wraps.

For a Minor Reflection - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

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Energetic, melodious rock band, For a Minor Reflection comprises of four 23-year-olds from Reykjavík, Iceland. Kjartan Holm (guitar), Guðfinnur Sveinsson (guitar & piano), Elvar Jón Guðmundsson (bass) and Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson (drums). Far from simple to define, their music expands and subverts itself with every song.

Daveeth - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel


Daveeth is the artist name of Davíð Hólm Júlíusson. The music can mostly be characterized as braindance and acid but takes twist and turns to visit other influences. For live shows he takes the role of the conductor of acidic machinery with sweaty button pushing and knob twiddling.

Bláskjár and band - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Bl c3 a1skj c3 a1r and band

Bláskjár is the alter ego and solo project of Icelandic composer and musician, Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir. Bláskjár´s music is best described as lyrical folk music where storytelling plays a big role. The solo project was launched in May 2014 as a part of Dísa´s final project for her masters studies in the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Bláskjár is a singer/songwriter, and focuses on playing humble and lyrical music, straight from the heart. Bláskjár´s music has many elements, such as classical and theatrical influences, so the music is both theatrical and picturesque. Bláskjár loves the nature and uses soundscapes to enrich her songs. Bláskjár´s newest single, Silkirein, sets the tone for her upcoming EP, which will be released this fall, where she mixes together, natural soundscapes, electronica and acoustic tones bringing everything together in a magical mixture of acoustic/electronic folk music. Bláskjár recently joined forces with a group of talented musicians and together they form Bláskjár and band. Bláskjár released her first single in January 2015 and will release an EP this fall.

East of My Youth - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

East of my youth

East of My Youth is an Icelandic electro-band formed in 2014. Last summer the band released its first single “Lemonstars”. The band played two successful concerts at Iceland Airwaves last year and have since then been working on their first album. The band is touring in Berlin and Amsterdam this summer. East Of My Youth plays melodic, electronic pop and draws its influences from artists like Austra, FKA Twigs, Florence & The Machine etc.

Dream Wife - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Dream wife

Dream Wife started out as a fantasy… literally. Icelandic singer Rakel and British musicians Alice and Bella played their first show as part of a performance project at art school in Brighton. Stuck in dreams of 90’s club kid nostalgia they continue on making music, embracing their love for edgy pop. Dream Wife name David Lynch’s women as a big influence; “powerful and seriously fucked up”. They play with the aesthetics of the 1960’s ye-ye girls movement, along with current influences such as Sleigh Bells, Le Tigre and Grimes. Dream Wife ooze with girl power; infecting the crowd with their trademark “poolside pop with a bite.” The music juxtaposes simple pop hooks, beats, cutting riffs and dreamy vocals. As a collaboration with a gang of art school friends the world of Dream Wife is brought to life with vibrant live shows, pastel mania and flying pompoms. Join the gang, let’s dance till dawn.

DJ Flugvél og geimskip - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Dj flugv c3 a9l og geimskip

dj. flugvél og geimskip (Airplane and Spaceship) is a one girl’s project that draws influences from a thousand worlds.Defined as electronic horror-music with a space twist, the music is a mix of playful beats, cool bass, catchy melodies and high pitched vocals. She sings about evil cats taking over the world, alien experiments, demons hiding in shadows and the weird world below the surface of the ocean. Her live performances are lively, colorful and poetic and her music deals with mysteries, dreams and dangers of the night. On stage, dj. flugvél og geimskip is alone in the midst of keyboards and drum machines. Her concerts are like a strange blend of music, horror stories, poetry and theater. The mood is set by story­telling between songs, the use of incense, smoke, lights and a backdrop video. The audience is left feeling like they are in a vivid dream or have travelled to outer space.

Emmsjé Gauti - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Emmsj c3 a9 gauti

Despite his young age, Emmsjé Gauti is a veteran when it comes to the rap game. After honing his talent for the last 13 years in Reykjavik’s small but vibrant and competitive rap scene, he released his debut solo album in 2010 which proved a big hit among fans and critics alike. Catapulting into the spotlight with his feature on the Blazroca’s hit “Elskum Þessar Mellur”, the aptly titled “Bara Ég” (“Only Me”) solidifies his status as one of Iceland’s most prominent young artists, striking an eclectic balance between flamboyant pop, humor and unadulterated rhyming skills. Say what you want about young Emmsjé Gauti, he gets the party started! Go check out his videos on Youtube (he’s put out more of them this year alone than most artists do in their entire careers). Gauti released his second solo album in 2013 called “ÞEYR”. “ÞEYR” is a darker, heavier release than his first outing and showcases the growth of the artist. If you are into punk-like shows, stagediving and random bullshit, Gauti is your go to guy.

Futuregrapher - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Futuregrapher 2

Árni Grétar (born 6 December 1983), best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher, is an electronic musician described by Grapevine magazine in 2009 as “fucking brilliant.” He runs the record label Möller Records with fellow musicians Bistro Boy and Steve Sampling.

Antimony - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel


Antimony is a coldwave band from Reykjavík, Iceland made up of RX Beckett (vocals), Birgir Sigurjón Birgisson (bass) and Sigurður Angantýsson (electronics and production). Together they combine elements of early 80s synthpop, gloomy Lynchian sexuality and sci-fi horror with androgynous DIY aesthetics.

Revenge of Calculon - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Revenge of calculon

Who’s gonna save you from the evil Dr Calculon? Have no worries honey, two sonic manipulators are here to save humankind! Bringing you a juicy slice of dirty bass grooves topped with a full fat layer of B-movie synth attacks. Live shows are a full on funkatronic party with lo-fi film projections, LED light show and the mysterious band members wearing Luchador mask & 80s tracksuits.

Par-Ðar - Airwaves off-venue

Loft Hostel

Par dar

Par-Ðar is an exiting new hippie band that plays psychedelic rock in a unique way. Influenced by our surroundings, the beauty, horrid and life. All music and all sounds affect us as beings and Par-Ðar focuses on creating compositions that allows the listener to find it’s inner self. Listen.

Reykjavíkurdætur Video Premiere

Loft Hostel

Reykjavikurd c3 a6tur

Reykjavíkurdætur (the daughters of Reykjavik) is an all female rap-clan that consists of twenty performers. The clan performs as solo artists, duos, trios and also all together which makes for a great diverse show that can keep anyone interested. The clan is known for critical lyrics about matters such as icelandic politics, sexual violence and the rap scene in general but also just for generally being awesome.


Loft Hostel


The kids of Ceasetone are playing their last show in Iceland before heading to the SXSW music festival and are debuting brand new video “The Bright Side.” Come for the free music and video premiere, stay for the free easter beers from Steðji.

Reykjavíkurdætur Fundraising Gig

Loft Hostel


The 21-member hip-hop fem cee collective is putting on a gig to fundraise their upcoming album. Oh, and there will be FREE DRINKS! Come take back the night and have a ball.