Laugarvegur 30
101, Reykjavík


TV Smith / Caterpillarmen


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British punk veteran TV Smith,  former member of the Adverts (and more than a handful of other rock acts from all over the world), will be bringing his gravelly voice and critical lyrics to the Dillon stage. While TV Smith is known for shattering ears since ’76, it looks like his weapon of choice as of late is simply an acoustic guitar (and his signature guns, displayed via tank top). Reykjavík locals Caterpillarmen will also take the stage that night, and will deliver prog rock with a bite, like chompin’ down on a crunchy leaf.



Trilogia insta paddys songur

Trilogia is a new indie electro pop band, consisting of Finnbjörn Benónýsson and Fríða Dís Guðmundsdóttir (Eldar, Klassart). They’ve been hard at work on their first single, ‘Heartless’, which was released in the beginning of June.

Blackwater Mojo


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Stomp rockers Blackwater Mojo are coming to Dillon all the way from Elkins, West Virginia (America). Check ‘em out.



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Metal/post-hardcore band Shogun will be rockin’ out Dillon. Make sure to wear your moshin’ shoes!

Unnur Sara / Sígull / Koddafar


Unnur sara

Icelandic Singer Unnur Sara will be singing some pop. Grab a beer and enjoy her nice voice. But before you should check out her Facebook website.

Indigó / Kalli / Bellstop


Bellstop 1024x442 210355017

Have you ever looked out the window of your ranch on a rainy day, liquor in hand, and been like, oh, the feelings I’m feeling. Well then, Thursday night at Dillon’s got a show for you. Let crooner and piano wizard Indigó (né Ingólfur Þór Árnason) whisk you away to a land of melody and tears. (Pro-tip: bring soft tissues—you will cry). And while you’re at it, Kalli‘s (Karl Henry Hákonarson) gonna be there to bring you back to the prairie home you never had, with his soft, smoky singing and soothing folk arrangements. Then folk & roll group Bellstop‘s gonna bring the groove with their bluesy brand of down-home tunes that’s sure to get you moving. Grab some whiskey while you’re at it––this night’s line-up is the perfect soundtrack to sipping on a glass or four.



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Saxy Iceland Electro-Alternative band Toneron is playing a show at Dillon

Casio Fatso / Rythmatik


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Casio Fatso is a modnine rock band formed in 2012. Modnine rock is short for modern 90s rock and the band is inspired by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana.



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Bearded rock alt-trio Þausk are putting on a show at Dillon. They for sure well with some whiskey.

Churchhouse Creepers & Godchilla


Dillon 4 sept

A great line-up with three great metal bands (ONI, GRIT TEETH and Godchilla) who’re joined by stoner rock band Churchhouse Creepers to bring you a party you’ll never forget at Dillon.

Icarus Fundraising Gig / DJ Andrea



Hardcore punks Icarus have been soaring to some great heights lately, touring through the States, and are putting on a fundraising gig with grindcorers Grit Teeth at Dillon. Expect angst, energy, and mosh pits.

Sudden Pressure / DJ Andrea


Sudden pressure

Can you feel that weird popping in your ears? It’s Sudden Pressure bringing the noise so loud you can feel it in your bones. After their set, DJ Andrea will play you into the night.

MIRI / DJ Andrea



Indie rock band MIRI will be rocking out at Dillon, followed by DJ Andrea spinning them tunes! Don’t miss it~

AKA Sinfónían


Aka sinf c3 b3n c3 adan

AKA Sinfónían’s Facebook page says they’re ill. See for yourselves on Oct. 15 at Dillon.

Beggi Smári / DJ Andrea



Beggi Smári sings and plays guitar, then your-fave-Dillon-DJ, DJ Andrea, drops some beats. What more could anyone ask for from a Friday night?

Fox Train Safari / DJ Andrea


Fox train safari

Fox Train Safari will play their jazzy tunes at Dillon, and after you’ve been sufficiently jazzed up, DJ Andrea will play her magical sound and play you deep into the night.

Greyhound / DJ Andrea



Vestmannaeyjar-based band, Greyhound are an old-school rock band that make you reminisce about jamming with your buddies in the garage, even if you never did such a thing. Kristberg Gunnarsson sings and plays guitar, Gunnar G Waage plays bass, Víðir Heiðdal plays drums, and Ásmundur Ívar Óskarsson plays guitar.

Mick Hargan & Daníel Hjálmtýsson



Mick Hargan, the UK sensation to sweep the nation, is playing Reykjavík’s very own Dillon, along with accomplished local talent Daníel Hjálmtýsson!

Foreign Land


Foreign land

Foreign Land is going to bring their sound to Dillon, live!

DJ Andrea


Djandrea 674185411

DJ Andrea will be playing her spookiest tracks during Dillon’s low-brow Halloween partí!

Krakk & Spaghettí / Brilliantinus / DJ Andrea


Krakk spaghetti

Halloween gets real good at Dillon, with sets by three amazing artists! First Krakk & Spaghetti do their thing (dressed up as food?), then Brilliantinus does brilliant things (scholar outfit), and finally DJ Andrea ends the night.

Aragrúi - Airwaves off-venue


Aragr c3 bai

Aragrúi was formed in 2011 and is a blend of folk, myth pop, dark indie and rock. We are a 4 piece band from the south of Iceland. When the band got together in august 2011 we started as a cute pop band but since then we have put a much rougher rock edge on our sound. We are always working with new sounds and we will be putting our first EP together for this winter.

Dream Wife - Airwaves off-venue


Dream wife

Dream Wife started out as a fantasy… literally. Icelandic singer Rakel and British musicians Alice and Bella played their first show as part of a performance project at art school in Brighton. Stuck in dreams of 90’s club kid nostalgia they continue on making music, embracing their love for edgy pop. Dream Wife name David Lynch’s women as a big influence; “powerful and seriously fucked up”. They play with the aesthetics of the 1960’s ye-ye girls movement, along with current influences such as Sleigh Bells, Le Tigre and Grimes. Dream Wife ooze with girl power; infecting the crowd with their trademark “poolside pop with a bite.” The music juxtaposes simple pop hooks, beats, cutting riffs and dreamy vocals. As a collaboration with a gang of art school friends the world of Dream Wife is brought to life with vibrant live shows, pastel mania and flying pompoms. Join the gang, let’s dance till dawn.

World Narcosis - Airwaves off-venue


World narcosis

World Narcosis palys a powerful blend of grindcore, black metal and pretty much everything else. They are fast, evil, and to the point. Their latest album ‘World Coda’ is bleak, intense and inherently unnerving, pushing their boundaries to the breaking point, raging from furious blastbeats topped with dissonant tremolo picking – to a spastic heaviness and explosiveness that sounds like the end of the world.

Sinmara - Airwaves off-venue



Sinmara is a Black Metal band from Reykjavík and Mosfellsbær featuring members of Svartidauði, Wormlust, Rebirth of Nefast and Slidhr. The band was formerly named Chao, and under that name the three track cassette ‘Spiritus Sankti’ was released in 2012 by Norwegian label Terratur Possessions. Musically Sinmara contrast chaotic aggression with haunting melodies and dramatic build-ups, with a focus on musicianship and attention to detail. Sinmara’s debut album, ‘Aphotic Womb’, was released by Terratur Possessions in the fall of 2014 to widespread acclaim. Sinmara is an experienced and respected live band, having played countless shows in Iceland and played their first concert abroad at Beyond the Gates Festival in Bergen, Norway late August 2014. Further live appearances in Iceland and abroad are planned in the near future, and Sinmara has already been booked for Inferno Festival, Nidrosian Black Mass in Belgium and Eistnaflug Festival.